Service Department

European & Japanese Motorcycle - Sportbike Specialists

Imperial Sportbikes provides full service on most European and Japanese brand motorcycles, from basic services such as oil & filter changes to major services and competition engine builds. With the addition of our machine shop, we are now your one-stop shop from street to finish line! If you need any type of service, you can scroll down to review detailed information, schedule a service appointment, or request information. If you'd rather discuss your needs directly, stop into our shop at 301 Bryant St (Denver) or call us at 855-871-2277 and we will get you a quote as soon as possible.

Ducati Service Pricing Varies - Below is Starting Price

Ducati-Specific Services Base Pricing
600 mile service Starting at $300
7,500 mile service 2V / 4V Starting at $937
New belt installation Starting at $350 does NOT include cost of belt ($154.99)
Full-synthetic oil & filter change $199.98 Motul 300V + tax

General Service

Tire change (wheel off bike) Base Pricing
Tires off bike $32.50 + $5 disposal fee (per tire)
Tire Change (Wheel On Bike) Base Pricing
Tires on bike $52 + $5 disposal fee (per tire)
Fluid Services Base Pricing
Coolant Replacement Starting at $130+ $5 Fluid Disposal Fee
Full-Synthetic Oil & Filter $80 oil + $16 filter (Motul 300V/Motul 7100)
Semi-Synthetic Oil & Filter Starting at $45 oil + $15 filter + $5 Fluid Disposal Fee (Motul 3000)
Fork Rebuilds Base Pricing
Fork Rebuild (On Bike) $490 + Price of Fluid and Seals
Fork Rebuild (Not On Bike) $350 + Price of Fluid and Seals
Dynojet 250i Services Base Pricing
Dyno Run Starting @ $85 (Horsepower)
Dyno Run Air/Fuel Starting @ $145 (Torque Horsepower + Air/Fuel)
Dyno Tune Starting @ $400+ (Varies by Bike)

As one of the premier motorcycle service departments, Imperial Sportbikes is proud to offer our customers nothing but the best performance products there are to offer. Our new and used motorcycle parts and accessories will make a difference in the performance of your motorcycle, and in many cases extend the lifespan of your engine at the same time. Our engine performance parts are products that we can install or many riders may install themselves without needing access to a shop.

List of Some of our Services

  • Accessory Installation
  • Break-In Service
  • Chain Adjustment
  • Chain and Sprocket Installation
  • Dyno Tuning
  • Full Engine Rebuild
  • Hydraulic Line Flush
  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Pre-Season Inspection
  • Radiator Flush and Fill
  • Shaft Drive Fluid Change
  • Summerization
  • Tire Installation
  • Top End Engine Rebuild
  • Tune-Up
  • Valve Adjustment