Motorcycle Battery Maintenance & Storage

Even in a race bike with a full power disconnect switch, a battery can lose its charge over time. That could leave you without sufficient power to start your motorcycle and go for a ride, And even if it does fire up, it could decrease performance along with leaving you stranded. This is especially true for modern motorcycles that are equipped with various electrical components.

If your bike is not being ridden on a daily basis or is going to be stored for the winter season, a Battery Tender® battery charger will maintain a proper state of charge along with preventing damage to the battery from over-charging, Modern motorcycles have electronics that are constantly drawing current. 

A battery that is at the end of its lifetime and no longer holding a charge could have a measurable impact on the bikes performance. The latest charging systems on todays motorcycles are designed around the constant load and filtering that a battery presents. This oftentimes appears as as a poorly running bike and can even trigger a check engine light.

The same goes for a new battery as well. If you’ve bought a battery that isn’t going to be used for a while, hooking it up to a Battery Tender battery charger will ensure it is ready when it’s time for the battery to be hooked up and used.

So, to sum this article up. If you don't ride your motorcycle on a daily or regular basis, install a battery charger that is designed to maintain your battery while your bike is sitting.

Imperial Sportbikes not only carries a varied assortment of Battery Tender brand chargers, we also use them on many of our stored motorcycles. Get Pricing>>