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ThoughtCorps LLC was originally established by Gary, Mike and Tim Meiners in 2006 in South Dakota to create an investment and patent development entity. In 2006, we began purchasing used motorcycles to part-out and sell. We completed the foreign entity registration in CO in 2006, filed a tradename application for Imperial Sportbikes, and purchased an existing ecommerce site (StreetBikeStore.com).

Our original business location was at 3240 S Platte River Dr, Englewood, CO 80110 beginning in November 2006. 


As we grew and decided to sell motorcycles as well, we applied for and received our Motor Vehicle Dealers License (#39665) in March 2007.  


We outgrew the warehouse space and moved to our location at 3971 S Decatur St, Suite E, Sheridan, CO 80110 in May 2008. This was a 1200 square foot space that had a small office, and a bay. 

Tim went full-time in the business in August 2008. Gary and Mike continue to participate on a part-time basis. 


Chris Meiners bought into the business in March 2009. 

We brought our nephew Brandon Meiners on as a non-owner, full-time employee beginning in December 2009.  He relocated from Minnesota to Denver to become part of the staff.

All motorcycle operations during this time were performed at the Sheridan, CO location. At this time, operations involved purchasing used motorcycles from across the U.S. for resale. Most were shipped in and torn down to be sold as parts while the rest were repaired and sold whole. Whole bikes were typically advertised and sold locally, whereas parts were advertised and sold globally, primarily through the eBay channel.

A small amount of service work was performed, but this was a very small portion of the business. A minimal amount of e-commerce business was conducted through the streetbikestore.com site where we sold new motorcycle parts and accessories from several vendors who shipped directly to customers.

Also in 2009 the bay next to us vacated, and we expanded to fill 2100 square feet, and gained another dock door. This was desperately needed as the volume of bikes torn down, and the amount of inventory soared.


2010 saw our online, local, and service sales grow rapidly. 

Early in 2010, it became apparent that a larger space was needed. The long search for a new facility was begun. We decided quickly that we wanted to own a facility that we could grow in to. Our initial search focused on properties with around 5,000 square feet. In hind-sight, it is a good thing that the search drug on throughout the year, as 5,000 would have been far too little. By the end of 2010, every nook and cranny of our space was filled.  

If our growth wasn't enough to keep us busy, we started implementing an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tagging system. The technical challenges of making the tags work correctly with our inventory system while properly printing, were enough to make Gary, Mike, Chris, tear out more than a few hairs. Once the tags were printed, we now needed to tag everyone of our 8000 parts.

We brought on Wayne Rawley II (Butch) to assist with this daunting task.

In August we were struggling to keep up, and brought on recent college grad Bryan McKinney part time to help us out.

In October, it was apparent another full-time employee was needed, and Chris joined the fray full-time.

By December, we were sure we had found a building that we could grow into for many years to come. 

ThoughtCorps Properties LLC was established in 2010 for the purpose of purchasing, owning, and leasing commercial real estate.


By the end of January, the 2 month process of fully revamping our inventory was drawing to a close, and Butch found full time employment elsewhere. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP BUTCH!

Initially we had set to close on our building at 225 Mariposa ST in Denver by the end of January, however we were not able to close until April 13th. 

Unfortunately (for us!), Bryan had found full-time employment in Arizona, and relocated there in March. A BIG THANKS for all your help Bryan, GOOD LUCK in AZ!

In anticipation of the move and need for more help, we needed to bring on another person. The week preceding the close, Matt Riffey moved from Ames, Iowa to be our full-time shop manager. We also brought Josh Hopwood on for the move and to replace Bryan.

Tim's girlfriend (now wife) Nicole helped greatly in providing some design touches, she also painted our offices and conference room. This was critical as we only had a couple nights to get the shop prepped for the move. She also assisted in cleaning and organizing. THANK YOU NICOLE!

Gary and Mike also made the trip out to help with the "GREAT FUN' of moving our nearly 8,000 pieces of inventory to our new location. Thanks to the help of some great employees, remote & local owners, we were able to move everything on Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday. By Sunday night, we were operational, and completed our first set of shipments. A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!


Financial and business decisions are made by the four managing members during weekly meetings. The day-to-day operations are performed by Tim with assistance from Chris.  Research and policy work is performed primarily by Gary & Mike from their locations in Sioux Falls, SD and Rochester, MN, respectively.