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Matthew Riffey (Riffey)

Matthew Riffey (Riffey)

Riffey has been the shop manager at Imperial for over 4 years. He is in charge of quality control for all inventory. This is a very involved process that starts when the whole motorcycle is received and ends when the customer is fully satisfied with the received item. He oversees the bike being torn down, cleaned, pictured, tagged, stored, and finally shipped. He is charged with creating clean, crisp, and clear photographs used in the online representation of our parts.

Growing up on a farm near the small town of Virden, Illinois, Matt loved riding snowmobiles and 4-wheelers. He found, on one particular venture into a pond, that 4-wheelers will and do float!

Matt has a bachelors degree in Landscape Horticulture from Southern Illinois University. He also has a bachelors & masters degree in Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University. It was at Iowa State that he first met Tim Meiners, and proceeded to solidify their friendship by smacking him in the face with a pool queue. They have been friends ever since.

These days, Matt spends his free time with his daughter Gabby enjoying the outdoors and the occasional dirt bike trip.

Brandon Meiners

Brandon Meiners

Brandon grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN and spent his summers on the Meiners small family farm near Dedham, Iowa. After high school, Brandon stayed around Mineapolis for a few years before moving out to Denver in the winter of 2009 to work for Imperial.

Brandon helps tear-down the motorcycles, cleans & packages parts, and is integral in the boxing & shipping process. Brandon has been steadily growing his tool collection and takes pride in his increasing mechanical ability.

In his free time, Brandon is an avid gamer, and movie connoisseur. He has also done a fair bit of travelling. He recently traveled to Hawaii, and has gone as far as New Zealand and Australia!